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What if my package is lost or damaged?Updated a year ago

If the shipping company (USPS, UPS, TNT etc.) has lost or misplaced your package, we will assist you in every way possible to retrieve it. We work closely with the claims department, and will keep you posted as to the status. If you believe your package has been stolen, we will assist you in filing a claim with the shipper. If the package is delivered to the incorrect address due to our mistake, we will issue a call tag and have it delivered to the correct address as soon as possible.  If delivered to an incorrect address due to your mistake, we will assist you just the same, however the shipper may assess an address correction fee and you will be billed for that.  

IMPORTANT - We highly recommend insuring your shipment. Global Fueling Systems Inc. will not be liable for loses or damages incurred during the shipment. 

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